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Gout/Pain Pure Blend 1/2 oz. pure blend organic essential oils for optimal relief of painful bouts of gout.

Gout/Pain Pure Blend

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1/2 oz. pure blend organic essential oils for optimal relief of painful bouts of gout.

Product Detail:

1/2 oz. Pure Blend of Organic Essential Oils:Use this blend to add to bath, foot soak or add to cream/carrier to apply to affected area's and reduce pain and swelling. DO NOT APPLY TO SKIN AS IS, THIS IS A PURE ORGANIC ESSENTIAL OIL BLEND. Add 40 -80 drops to bath and soak for minimum 10 minutes. Add 10 drops to hot water and soak feet or hands. Mix with Epsom salts for bath or foot soak. Apply with hot compresses, use instructions from website. Apply Bone Lover Cream to arms and legs covering as much skin as possible for relief up to 8 hours or longer. Gout, is an inflammation of the joints related to arthritis. There is a build-up of uric acid in the body in the joints, ligaments and surrounding tissue, these are like little crystals that irritate and cut the area and inflammation and pain results. As with anything, always consult your physician. It typically affects the big toe and then the ankles often swell too.  This can become so painful, it is hard to stand. There can be accompanying redness and swelling, particularly as the problem persists.  It will come and go, appearing more regularly as the condition worsens through time and the bouts become more painful. Diet: Removing sugar from the diet is optimal, especially during the times of attack. These foods can also aggravate the condition: Processed foods, anything that is made with yeast, alcohol, especially beer, chocolate, bacon and processed and prepackaged meats, shellfish, any food with a high salt content, and also any red meat or pork can cause a problem to a lesser degree than the processed meats.What the body needs, is help cleansing itself. This obviously requires drinking lots of pure, clean water.  (I use a Berkey system myself.)  To this, add a drop or two of fresh squeezed lemon or a drop or two of lemon essential oil.  You can drink this hot or cold, per preference.  Make sure you drink plenty of water during the day, some recommendations are to drink half your body weight by ounce, and so if you weigh 200 lbs., you need to drink 100 ounces of water. Add blueberries and cherries to your diet and if you juice add both to your juicing process.  Both are known to help lower uric acid and blueberries have the added benefit of reducing purines in the system.  The bonus, both are delicious and can help with sugar cravings!  We recommend finding a good Milk Thistle tincture too. Our essential oils blend consists of 12 organic essential oils. Juniper and basil are both known to lower uric acid in the body, bonus, they are also great pain relievers and basil is a tonic to the digestive system as well. To this we need to add some organic citrus oils, lemon and grapefruit.  This cuts through the acid too, and are also digestive aids.  Good cleansers for the system. We need some good anti-inflammatory’s so we add two of the best: Helichrysum and Roman Chamomile.  Both of these are rather expensive, but are unavoidable in making the most efficacious blend with proven results. They are also known pain relievers. Ginger is warming and aids in digestion, so is a must for any blend.  We round this out with some other organic essential oils for optimal results. People have long used our Arthritis Roll on and Bone Lover (Arthritis & Fibro Cream) applied to the entire body below the head will give a time release over the course of the day while using the roll on during the day as necessary brings the quality of pain free life back. Elevate feet above the heart.

Please Note: No product sold here is meant to diagnose or treat any serious illness or should be used instead of medical treatment.  
Please seek medical help if you are having chronic issues of pain or discomfort.
We are only here to help and we have had much success in the past 20 years providing relief.
This is not meant as a medical diagnosis.  All products should be spot tested for safety or allergic reaction before using as recommended.
We do make every effort to use the highest quality essential oils and absolutes, always organic whenever possible and only the safest essential oils are selected for use.
**The Light is increasing in the Northern Hemisphere, we want to award our best customers!
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