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Mary Elizabeth 

So, even after a full on rhinoplasty last February to fix my broken nose, take a whole lot of stuff out and rearranging whatever they did to help me breathe normally - I still have sinus issues. I don't take medications for it - it jacks me up too much.

Where did I turn? Gloria O'Neil Savage who is a remarkably gifted creator of essential oil blends! She uses organic essential oils, she gives Reiki to every last bit of it to super charge them with good, good vibes and even infuses them with crystals sometimes.

She was kind enough to send me her best stuff for sinus & breathing issues;
 Breathing Easy & Sinus Relief. I was getting bad headaches and after 2-3 days of using these oils nightly - oila! It worked! Thank you gloria!! You're magic is very welcome in my world!
It’s difficult to explain in words the amazing gifts and synchronicities that have happened since I met Gloria O’Neil Savage. Gloria and I met in 1999 when she generously volunteered at a special event for nursing assistant caregivers for a grant I was working on. Besides her time, she donated several of her special essential oil blends for all of the participants. 
A couple weeks later, I went to see her for a reading. Her presence and strong intuitive gifts were very healing and I was amazed by her insights. A week or so before I saw her, I had returned from a long trip to a triathlon race. During the race I got a flat tire on my bike. I fixed it but then I got another flat and had no more inflation cartridges. I thought I would have to quit the race when an older gentleman seemed to come out of nowhere with a pump. I thanked him and he was gone. 
When I went to see Gloria, she asked me about my mysterious helper (without knowing the story whatsoever) and confirmed that I was in the presence of an angel. Of course we talked about many things, but I never forgot this special moment. 
I moved from Cleveland shortly after this time to go to nursing school. I worked in several cities and eventually found myself in Arizona for graduate school. I lost touch with Gloria. Over a decade later while reading a post from a friend that I met in NYC, I saw a post from her and realized we had a shared connection.
 I knew I had to see her the next time I was in the Cleveland area. We met for only the third time in this life, yet she knew my wounds, vulnerabilities and strengths. I was very comforted and blessed to be in her presence and I highly recommend her on your healing journey

Jen Reich, PhD, MA, RN
Nurse, Poet and Author

As a long time professional astrologer myself, I can assure you that Gloria is a really gifted reader with a finely tuned intuition as well as a knack for delivering her visions in clear lucid and inspiring language. I was pleasantly surprised, honored, humbled and exhilarated all at the same time! I am happy to recommend her services without reservation. -Gary P Caton
Gloria Stanton Testimonial
March 27, 2010
ArcAncient Inc.
Cleveland, OH 44135

Dear ArcAncient,
I’ve been meaning to put pen to paper for years to tell you how much I love your products. I am a 72 year old woman and, like many my age, suffer with arthritis. Over the years I have tried numerous over the counter products to combat the maddening ache of this wretched condition but with little success. Then, several years ago, my daughter gave me a vial of Arthritis Relief oil (bone and joint lover) and asked me to give it a try. Somewhat skeptically I rolled it over the achy knots at the base of my thumbs, rubbed them together and went back to work. I can’t say that I remember the exact moment when the pain went away but all of a sudden I just realized it was gone…..GONE!! It was amazing. Every time I feel a twinge I just slather the oil over my joints and soon thereafter the pain disappears.
I wish I could dip my whole body in it. 
Since those early days I have purchased numerous vials. I keep one in my purse, beside my favorite chair, in the desk drawer, in the bathroom. They’re everywhere-just a quick grab away. I was also introduced to the arthritis and fibromyalgia cream and use it after my shower, in addition to the oil. I rub the cream on the top of my feet and on my hands and then throughout the day use the oil as needed.
I love the fact that I am using all natural products and the aromatherapy affects are just an added bonus. To say that I love your products would be an understatement! They have truly made a difference in the quality of my life and I have given away many vials to friends so that they too can appreciate the life changing effects of your products.
Gloria from Bay Village

This class has helped me to move into such a comfortable space with treating clients not using deep tissue massage by using THE TOTAL SENSORY HEALING & INTEGRATION Approach to real from internally to externally within the whole body. 
The oils:
My daughter has her very own Breathe & Sleep Angel, every night she uses Sleep Angel to keep her from having bad dreams and uses breathe so she says so she won't have to take the YUCKS.........
Ever since I started using the oils as part of my daily life they are true blessing they really do what they say. When I don't use them I feel like life has really rocked my world upside down.
Back to treatments:
I use a lot of the techniques with the children I work as Occupational Therapist Assistant, I have found that in the schools the toning of the chakras and the alternate breathing as really helped centered, organize, attend and focus to the demands that are put on the child in the classroom.
I have more........

This is just a start of all I could go on saying,

April 9, 2009

Hi Gloria,
I have been meaning to write to you to let you know how wonderful I have been feeling since the beautiful treatment you gave me. I feel more focused and have more clarity than I have in months! I have made small changes in my environment that honors who I am more specifically and also honoring the elements in my life too. Your guidance and energy you opened up for me is still resonating with me and I revisit our session periodically, thank you.

Thanks again,

Hi Gloria, March 19, 2014

I just wanted to take the time to put it in writing just how much your aromatherapy blends mean to me and my family. We use them for so many things: headaches, insomnia, anxiety/jitters, PMS, bug bites, kitchen burns. You name it we probably use them for it. The comfort they bring to my boys' hearts as well as their booboos is so meaningful to me as a mother. When my boys get "skeeter bites", they say "Mom, quick, get the Bug Rollies." Or if they can't sleep, they ask for "Sleepy Rollies." And by the way, I LOVE that the roller ones are child-resistant to spilling!! 

I've tried so many of your blends; I've lost count, but loved them all! I even remember taking the Breathe Easy when I'd travel to sing at weddings, to prevent sinus issues from stagnant hotel room air, and remember using them when I had bronchitis. And I have fond memories of my days pregnant with the boys and only trusting YOUR Pregnancy Cream to help relieve swelling feet and aching shoulders. I rely so heavily on your blends that I don't leave home without them, literally: I have 3 of them in the car (Communication for when I know I'll meet new people, Inner Glow because I love the smell so much I use it as a perfume, & Wisewoman for my shoulders/back when we get stiff from driving). I keep 3 others in my purse (Bug/Burn just in case the boys need it, Heart Blend for when I'm feeling blue or missing my family, and Headache blend, which I've dubbed "Peppermint Pick-Me-Up"), and I have at least 2 others at my bedside (Mother Earth in case I can't slow my mind to be able to sleep and Wisewoman in case I wake stiff). And Yes, I take alllll these with me when we travel!

I just adore them, and you, and can't imagine our life without them. And I just had to write to say: Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Bhimireddy Family

September 25, 2015
Hi Gloria, please share my testimonial on your website if you like. I want to share about your awesome product! My palms remain healed. Thanks again!

 I would like to share my experience using ArcAncients' product "Eczema and Psoriasis Repair Salve". A few years ago I developed a disease entity named Palmar Pustular Psoriasis. This is a rare form of Psoriasis that can cause debilitating blisters, sores, pustules followed by dry, scaling fissures with pink raw skin affecting the palms and the soles of the feet only. Mine, fortunately (I try to always find something to be grateful for) only affected the palms of my hands. I can't even imagine trying to walk if the soles of my feet were ever like my hands. 
I had 1 area on each palm with each area affecting about 1/4-1/3 of each palmar surface. Unfortunately (for my hands) I am a Registered Nurse and am constantly wearing gloves and washing my hands. Very hard to do when you have bandages on your hands! So what does any scientific minded RN do? Goes to see a Dermatologist of course. A few visits, and several prescriptions later he wants to put me on an oral medication which is a form of Vitamin A. In my nursing career I have had a couple of years’ experience working in a Dermatology Clinic so I was familiar with this particular drug and its' horrible side effects. The Dr. mentioned I would probably get dry lips but I could use chap stick or Aquafor for that. Dry lips! That's all you have to tell me??!! How about the fact that I wouldn't be able to donate blood and if I was of childbearing age, get pregnant, for 3 yrs. after stopping the drug? That's because the drug causes horrible birth defects. My only other option was to try excimer laser treatments. In order to proceed with that I would have to go to the Psoriasis clinic at the hospital associated with the clinic I was going to and see a different Dermatologist because that's where the laser was located. I was perfectly ok with that because the first doc was a dick. Too bad if you don't like my french. Anyway, long story short, laser treatments were going to cost thousands, and that's with medical insurance. Typical 80/20 coverage. A short time later I went to a gathering at a friend’s house one day and met Gloria. She noticed the bandages on my hands, we talked, I showed her my hands. The friend we were visiting had a jar of Gloria's Eczema and Psoriasis Repair Salve she graciously gave to me to try. I saw improvement the next day! Initially I still had to wrap my hands as my palms were still quite raw, but healing! Eventually the bandages came off and I am very happy to say my palms are completely healed. I only have slightly dryer skin on my palms with occasional flaking but no more pustules, fissures or open wounds! It's amazing! I ended up buying my own $50 jar, which is still half full. Much cheaper than the steroid ointment I was using, which wasn't working anyway! I must also add that psoriasis in any form is often stress related as I'm sure most of you are aware and I was going through an extremely stressful prolonged period in my life. Fortunately I was able to address the stressful issues and make some much more positive changes in my life which also had an effect on the condition of my palms. But in the crux of the chaos, when my palms were at their worst Gloria's repair salve worked better than any MD prescribed treatment. For that I will always be grateful. And based on my experience with this one product, along with my getting to know Gloria I would not hesitate to try her other products. Thanks again Gloria!

Karen Sequin, RN
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My parishioner with the cancer in her lungs, leg, brain continues to use the fibro/arthr cream for her pain management.
She also recently had a surgical procedure that was very painful. After several pain meds, her pain was not under control. She
applied the cream, and fell asleep. She says "it is the only thing that helps me with the pain, wherever it is. It's amazing."

Lenore Robinson, RN

My sister in law has very arthritic knees forcing her to walk stiff legged. She has been using the fibro/arth cream with almost instant results,
her legs were able to bend and she can walk pain free. "Really is a miracle cream".
Lenore Robinson, RN 
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A reading with "Mama Glo" - as my sister and I lovingly refer to Gloria O'Neill Savage - is a gift from the spirit world. She lays out your natal blueprint clearly and concisely so you can refer to your Sun, Moon and Rising signs going forward and then she gives you the download that is your astrological chart's roadmap in the present time. You will come away with action items and themes to ponder and meditate on afterward. Gloria's sense of humor and musicality come through in her readings which tickle me to no end. Today's reading included a directive to cue up a certain song before I called in and really set the tone for my receptivity. Janis and Jimi frequently figure in to my readings as I am a GenXer with a slavish devotion to the religion of rock-and-roll that occurred a generation before my birth.   Don't interrupt her and save your questions for the end.  You likely won't have any - and if you approach your reading with clear intentions your questions will likely be answered before you have to ask. For example, Gloria said "I see a Tony or a Toni, I wrote this down specifically” Now, Gloria could never know that my best friend from high school is now called 'Tony'  - but that was NOT his name in high school and that I am going to visit him and his wife later this month, she had ZERO way of knowing that, but she was compelled to tell me to ‘write the name Tony’ in my notes.
In this current age and in this country's current climate, Gloria's gifts can be the missing piece of your self-care as you integrate all the part of your life path is world in the most loving way possible. You will come away from your reading hopeful and energized to take the next right actions on your journey.
~Jenn Y xoxo 01/04/2019