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Spikenard (Nardostachys Jatamansi) Mary Magdalene's Oil
SPIKENARD (Nardostachys Jatamansi) 

DESCRIPTION: A tender aromatic herb with a pungent rhizome root. 

EXTRACTION: Essential oil by steam distillation from the dried and crushed rhizome and roots. 


SKIN CARE: Balancing effect on the skin and causes permanent regeneration. For Allergies, inflammation, mature 
skin, rashes, wounds. 

NERVOUS SYSTEM: Is a tonic to the Nervous system. Depression, insomnia,
nervous or flatulent indigestion, migraine, stress and tension. 

DIGESTIVE SYSTEM: Has a balancing effect on metabolism and the digestive
 process. Is a mild laxative. 
CIRCULA TION, MUSCLES & JOINTS: Relaxes and balances blood circulation,
 muscles and skin. Reduces inflammation. Treatment of diseases of the blood. 
EMOTIONAL OR SPIRITUAL: It is referred to several times in both Old and New Testaments of the Bible. Mary 
Magdalena anointed Jesus on the soles and upper part of the foot with Spikenard, then wiped them with her hair. She 
then anointed the crown and back of His head. Thus was she marking Him the "Chosen One", and giving him 
strength, (Root of Valerian Family, or in Latin Valoure meaning strength). For emotional or spiritual balancing. 
Victoria Edwards says "in a psychic reading I was told that Spikenard is for past pain, that people hold inside them. 
It resolves the pain, lifting the judgment of the self." 
PROPERTIES: Anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, bactericidal, deodorant, laxative, 
neuro-protective, sedative, tonic. 
PRINCIPAL CHEMICAL CONSTITUENTS: Borneol acetate, isobornyl valerianate, borneol, patchouli
terpinyl valerianate, terpineol, eugenol, pinene. 
ADDITIONAL: Intensifies and strengthens devotion. North American Indians believe it can cure insanity. 
For wounds that will not heal- Mary Greer. Balances all systems. This oil is a must for healing; blend
 with other oils if you can not tolerate this sometimes very "Valerian" smell. 
More to come, work in progress!  Check Back!
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