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Astrology Service
ArcAncient Aromatherapy Services
Bodywork Healing Sessions
At arcancientaroma, we take care to provide our customers high quality services personalized for their unique needs.  Our staff members are professional, courteous and efficient.

We provide a variety of services including:
​We use 30 years of experience, our special brand of intuition and psychic ability to help decode your own personal map/chart and assist you on many, many levels.
Wether it is discovering your personal talents and gifts, and incorporating those into a vocation, or narrowing down optimal timing for personal changes; this experience will be like none you have ever had before.

$ (150) Click to order!

Selected Bodywork Offerings: 

Charting your Course and Navigating the Dream 

We will chart your systems interface and create a road map together using all the mind, body, spirit tools 
available to assist, witness and access your full potential. Through the incorporation of the many 
complementary tools we will gain perspective to access your personal map for transformation. Depression, transitions, grief and loss, trauma, relationship work, dark night's of the soul's journey... 

Package Includes Astrology Reading, Ear Candling, 1 Polarity Therapy Sessions, 2 Email 
Sessions, 2 Total Sensory Healing Session. 

Total Package Price: $598.00 

Astrology Reading: $150

Includes customized book and one hour consultation with 30 years experience to chart your life.   We also offer this service via phone and internet.

Body/Temple/Earth & Bodywork 

Rainbow Therapy: $125 1hr. Total Sensory Integration & Healing ™ © 

Chakra balancing using colour, aromatherapy, toning, warmed gemstones, tuning forks, touch and energetic therapy. This treatment is great for balance, clearing and calming, it will help align the body and spiritual being for this transformational journey on planet earth; and is also helpful for depression and restoring the body's energy. 
We always use our own experience and empathic abilities to help assist you to your fullest potential and optimal well-being.  

9 Dimensional Journey Integration: $100 

We will take a guided journey into your past, into the hall of records and retrieve your lost selves, travelling through the earth and into the 9 dimensions, leaving behind your unproductive coding. The process with help you to give birth to the beauty within your being, coming out of the Chrysalis using your imaginal cells triggered by this unique dimensional journey.  Step into your highest self.   

Polarity Therapy: $100-$125 1hr. 

System of energetic touch, acupressure, cranial sacral, myofascial elease, reflexology and a series of body rocking and stretches, align and open energy systems in the body. A comprehensive health system combining many modalities inluding energetic nutrition and lifestyle for well-being. It works with the Human Energy  field, electromagnetic patterns expressed in mental, emotional and physical experience. 

Reiki $75: 1hr. 

Hands on for gentle healing, gentle balancing. Energetic Universal Life Force Energy recharges and replenishes activating your healing ability. 

Ear Candling: $75 

Gentle process includes sinus and allergy treatment. Includes face & neck lymphatic work. Part of Egyptian Initiation rites. 

Aromatherapy Compress: $5-15.00 

Have your therapist create a special blend for that added relief with heat activation. Perfect for sore backs, 
colds, sore knees and elbows.  Available as an additional charge ONLY for bodywork sessions at ArcAncient.

Aromatherapy & Facial Massage: $75.00 

Practitioner will combine just the right ingredients for you, using aromatherapy, creams, clays and other 

 We are proud to serve mainly Cleveland, Bay Village, Berea, Brecksville, Broadview Heights,
 Brook Park, Brooklyn, Fairview Park, Garfield Hts., Independence, Lakeline, Lakewood, 
Linndale, Middleburg Hts., Newburgh Hts., North Olmsted, North Royalton, Parma (& Hts.), Rocky
 River, Strongsville, Westlake, Avon (& Lake), Sheffield (& Lake) and many more Northeast
 Ohio Suburbs as well as Akron, Elyria and Lorain. We ship our products all over the U.S.A.

ArcAncient Ships to all of USA including: New York (NYC), Los Angeles (L.A.), Chicago, Washington D.C., San Francisco, Philadelphia, Dallas (DFW), Boston, Detroit,

Miami, Houston, Atlanta, Seattle, Phoenix, Minneapolis, Cleveland, San Diego, St. Louis, Denver, Tampa, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Charlotte, Portland,

Kansas City, Indianapolis, Orlando, Columbus, San Antonio, Milwaukee, Las Vegas, Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Providence, Salt Lake City, Greensboro

Nashville, Raleigh-Durham, Austin, New Orleans, Louisville, Grand Rapids, Hartford, Memphis, Buffalo, Jacksonville, Oklahoma City and all points USA.

Astrology Reading Dowpayment $75.00